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How Our Process Works

A step by step guide to the application process.

You can see the whole application and treatment process step by step on below. You can ask anything. Feel free to contact with us.

Click on the "Apply Now" button

Fill in your information in just a few minutes.

Meet our professional patient consultants

Following the submission of the application form, our team will contact you and get the necessary information from you assisting you with the process.

Let your reports and documents be safely examined by the Cuban Ministry of Health

Required documents and information regarding your application to QBA will be shared quickly with the Cuban Ministry of Health.

Get the fastest response to your reports and choose your treatment

After the application process, the Cuban Ministry of Health will review your reports. After the examination, if a treatment program is approved, our team will give you detailed information about this program.

For your comfort in Cuba, choose any of our services and create your travel plan with our consultants

Our team will plan your travel according to your preferences, make the necessary reservations and preparations for treatment, flight, hotel, visa, translator etc. for you.

Our professional team in Cuba will welcome you

When you arrive in Cuba, our experienced team will meet you and help you to settle into the hospital/hotel and meet your doctors. A QBA translator will accompany you throughout your trip.

Let your treatment and travel begin safely

Your treatment will continue in the best health centers according to your doctor's recommendations. During the treatment, the QBA team in Cuba will assist you with pleasure in sightseeing, cultural activities and similar matters.

Benefit from free QBA services after your treatment and even after your return, without time limit

After your return, we will make sure you can follow your treatment process and, if necessary, keep in touch with your doctors in Cuba. Our patient consultants will be in constant contact with you for all your questions and information.


Registration is easy.  Follow the steps and we will get in touch with you shortly to advise you further.

You can contact our expert team about any questions.

0212 212 0428 
0553 170 1145 
0553 172 1148 

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