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Treatment Options

QBA Medi Tours brings you the latest innovative treatments
from the Cuban Ministry of Health.

Working in coordination with the Cuban Ministry of Health, we provide the most accurate and professional service for every patient who goes to Cuba for cancer treatment or other alternative treatments.

A smiling cancer woman in hospital


Cuban cancer vaccines are administered for certain types of cancer. There are also alternative methods for other types of cancer. Discover the special vaccines and treatments that Cuba uses in cancer treatments.

addiction therapy image


Cuba is one of the world's leading countries in alcohol and substance abuse treatments. Explore Cuba's substance abuse treatment program.

an old woman tells about her psoriasis desease


Thanks to the special Coriodermina treatment developed by Cuban doctor Carlos Miyares Cao, an effective solution to psoriasis, also known as psoriasis, is offered.

A smiling cancer woman in hospital


The treatment of this disease in Cuba is done by using Piloactive Lotion and Piloactive Shampoo.

vitiligo treatment image


Melagenine Plus, developed in Cuba, is a successful and effective treatment method preferred by patients for Vitiligo, also known as tawny disease or ala disease.

An old man has moon blindness desease


Cuba managed to prevent blindness by stopping the progression of the disease with surgical intervention and additional treatments in the treatment of night blindness in Cuba. Discover the Cuban night blindness cure.

image for diabetic foot ulcer


In Cuba, there is an alternative treatment for wounds on the feet caused by diabetes. Discover Cuba's diabetic foot ulcer treatment.


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