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Addiction Therapy Program

Cuba is an exceptionally suitable environment for
the treatment of substance addiction.

Due to extremely strict control of addictive drugs inside Cuban borders, the black market for drugs is almost non-existent, and it is virtually impossible to access addictive substances for vulnerable victims.

Cuban addiction therapy institutions work with high efficiency, high success rates, and very low rates of relapse which is why many people around the world are trying to find a way to reach the treatments in Cuba. The institutions are very well equipped and staffed, with very strict control mechanisms in place.

Cuba as a country also offers a lively, warm and positive setting for those who would like to undergo addiction therapy in a remote environment.


Therefore, patients or family members who are seeking a secure, reliable and shielded environment for their loved ones choose Cuba as a preferred destination for addiction therapy.

The program is 3-months long and designed to treat patients who are suffering from alcohol or drug addiction.

The therapy focuses on self-motivation in order to ensure long-term remission. No medication is used in the treatment. Patients can go out, do sports and go to the sea or engage in other activities in the company of a psychiatrist, nurse or another employee.

3-Month Treatment Cycle Includes:

  • Hospitalization

    • Initial evaluation and medical history

    • Diagnostic Tests

    • Hospitalization in private room category I (Incl. Feeding and nursing attention, if required)

    • Psychiatry, Psychology and Internal Medicine Consultations

    • Specialist Visits and constant oversight by physician assistants

  • Rehabilitation
    The Rehabilitation Program is personalized, according to the clinical, psychological and physical characteristics of the patient. The patient’s social background, origin, family, and other determinants are also taken to account when designing the rehabilitation program for each patient.

  • Therapies Such As:

    • Group psychotherapy

    • Individual psychotherapy

    • Music therapy

    • Occupational therapy

    • Meetings of acupuncture and relaxation

    • Physical rehabilitation (physical culture)

    • Therapeutic gymnastics

    • Psychotherapeutic activities out of the Center  

    • Recreational activities

  •  Control medicines for addiction disorders

  •  Medical reports, conclusions and recommendations

  • Recycling Therapy if Required

  1. Program of Rehabilitation to the Addictions

          I. Stage of Evaluation​

  • Hospitalization (7 days)   

  • Consultation

  • Researches

         Continuation of Rehabilitation Program to the Addictions 

  • Therapeutic Procedures

  • Transfer

  • Hotel in Havana

          II. Stage of Rehabilitation (Cycles of 30 days)

  • Hospitalization (30 days)

  • Treatment of Rehabilitation

  • Control Medicines for Addiction Disorders

  • Medical Report, Conclusions and Recommendations

          3 cycles as minimum are recommended.​

   2. Program of Rehabilitation to the Addictions: Recycling 

  • Hospitalization (30 days)

  • Treatment of Rehabilitation

  • Control Medicines for Addiction Disorders

  • Medical Report, Conclusions and Recommendations

 Please note that each treatment program is designed for each individual case based on the severity of the condition and the overall health of the patient.


Registration is easy.  Follow the steps and we will get in touch with you shortly to advise you further.

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