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Vitiligo Treatment in Cuba

The Melagenine Plus treatment developed in Cuba offers a cure for Vitiligo. 

Vitiligo (also known as Leucoderma) is an acquired hypomelanosis that is characterized by the progressive appearance of depigmentated spots on the skin, typically distributed on the face, extremities and the genital region.

The illness affects 0,5 - 2 % of the world population and can appear any time between the neonatal period and old age.


Most of the patients initially show de-pigmentation in the hands, followed by the face. These depigmented spots can stay localized, or progressively spread over the whole body.

After several years of research, Cuban scientists Dr Carlos Miyares Cao and his colleague Manuel Taboas discovered a potential treatment for Vitiligo in 1973, using a medicine extracted from the human placenta (Melagenine). The treatment comes in the form of a cream and is easy to administer. The therapeutic efficacy of the Melagenine lotion has further improved since, reaching as high as a 86% efficacy rate in patients. Today the treatment is available under the name Melagenine Plus.

Melagenine Plus works by stimulating the reproduction of melanocytes- cells that produce melanin, the natural skin pigment. In vitiligo patients, the production of melanocytes is impaired. By fueling the reproduction of melanocytes and stimulating their melanin synthesis, Melagenine Plus offers a therapeutic solution for Vitiligo patients.


The Center of Placental Histotherapy of Havana has been overseeing the studies involving Melagenine Plus for the last 3 decades, and has an experienced specialist team available to treat patients suffering from Vitiligo.

Melagenina Plus is safe to use on children, pregnant or lactating women and the elderly, and no side effects have been observed.

The Treatment Program Typically Includes:

  • Patient Examination, Assessment, Consultations and Information Sessions

  • 3 or more Ambulatory Treatment Sessions, Including the Administration of Medication

  • Diagnostic Tests

  • Continued Care if Required


Registration is easy.  Follow the steps and we will get in touch with you shortly to advise you further.

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