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Quick answers to commonly asked questions.


01 How can I apply for a treatment in Cuba? 

The easiest way is to apply using our Form. A member of our team will get in touch with you shortly. If you have any questions, Contact us.

02 What happens after I apply online?

Once you send your online application, you will receive an email listing any supplemental medical documents that you may need to provide to our team. We will work with you closely to build your file for submission to Cuba.

03 Do I need to translate my documents?

Your documents must be translated to English if they are in a different language. We can assist you through our partner translation office if you wish.

04 Where will I send my medical documents?

You can upload any documents via our website during your online application online. If you need to send us supplemental documents, please email them to:

05 How long does it take to get a response from Cuba?

Each application is checked thoroughly and requires 7-10 business days for a response.

06 How will I be informed on the outcome of my application?

Once we receive a response from Cuba regarding your eligibility for treatment, our team will call you to inform you regarding the outcome. If you are accepted for treatment, we will provide further details for the treatment program.

07 If the cancer vaccine therapies are not suitable for me, is there an alternative treatment method available?

After your case is reviewed by Cuban doctors, if you are not eligible for vaccine therapy, other alternative therapies such as life quality enhancement programs will be discussed with you. These programs aim to strengthen the patient's immune system.

08 Can medications be imported from Cuba?

Importing medications from Cuba is not legal unless personally obtained at the source.

9 How much does a treatment cost in Cuba?

We provide pricing information after reviewing your application. Cuban Ministry of Health determines the price for the proposed treatment for each individual patient.

10 Are travel expenses included in my treatment package?

Travel expenses such as flights, accommodation and visa fees will be quoted separately.

11 What language is spoken in Cuba?

Cuba’s official language is Spanish but many doctors also speak English.

12 How long will I have to stay in Cuba if I am accepted for treatment?

Length of your stay will vary depending on your treatment program.

13 Can I bring a family member or a friend to accompany me throughout my trip?

Yes, we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for your companions.

14 How do I make my Cuban treatment payment?

Your treatment program from Cuba is transmitted to you with all its transparency without any additions. Cuba does not accept cash payments. Therefore, information you provide is transmitted to Cuba. From there, a payment link will come to your e-mail address and you can make your payment. You can also pay directly at the hospital with the card you take with you. However, since Cuba is an embargo country, not all cards are passed, and various problems may be encountered with the cards.

15 Should the Cuban Cancer Vaccines be administered before chemotherapy or radiotherapy?

Cuban Cancer Vaccines are considered as complementary treatment. In order for the patient to be evaluated for the vaccine, the first treatment plan, that is, at least 3 cycles of chemotherapy or radiotherapy must be completed. PET/tomography results made after these are included in the list of required reports.

16 What should I do if my patient is unable to travel to Cuba?

When your patient's file is sent to Cuba, after the evaluation there, the doctors in Cuba express their opinions on whether the patient is suitable for flight. In addition, a flight permit is always required from your own doctor. If the patient's state is not fit for an air travel, we can organize a travel plan for one of the patient's relatives to get the vaccines/medicines.

17 Can necessary drugs for Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Ringworm be shipped?

No, it is not possible to procure any medicine from Cuba legally and safely by cargo. These drugs are prescribed and invoiced for the patient. The patient or patient's relative can travel to Cuba and obtain the medicine safely.

18 How long do I need to use the vaccines?

The dose is determined by Cuban doctors according to the patient's diagnosis. As for the continuation, your reports after the end of the first phases are sent back to the Cuban Ministry of Health. A decision is made based on their evaluation.

19 Do I continue to be in contact with doctors after I return from Cuba?

After returning from Cuba, we follow your process as the QBA Medi Tours team. We always share your every report that you want Cuban doctors to see with the Cuban Ministry of Health, free of charge. We share the feedback with you as soon as possible.

20 Can I extend my Cuba trip after my treatment program?

It is possible to extend your trip with the approval of the doctors and depending on your situation. Our team in Cuba will be pleased to support you in this regard.

21 Will I stay in a single room at the hospital in Cuba?

There are several options in this regard in Cuba. In addition to single and double room options, there are also private bungalow-style houses located in the hospital garden.

22 Can I go to the treatment with a companion?

We consider it appropriate to be accompanied by a companion for oncology patients. Programs for dermatological diseases are for one person, but a companion can be added upon your request.

23 Do I have to come to your office to submit my reports?

You don't have to come to the office to deliver your reports. We accept applications from many countries of the world. Your reports are received by e-mail. The processes continue in the digital environment. But of course, you can always stop by our office to meet, talk and have a coffee.

24 Do you examine the patient beforehand?

We, as the QBA Medi Tours family, are a consultant brokerage firm approved by the Cuban and Turkish Ministry of Health. We certainly do not conduct a medical evaluation or examination. We act as a bridge between the Cuban Ministry of Health and you.

25 How do you provide assistance in translation and hospital procedures in Cuba?

In addition to our team in Turkey, we also have a strong team in Cuba. Our team will meet you at the airport and assist you in your hospital process and all kinds of transactions in Cuba. Our translator is fluent in English, Turkish and Spanish.

26 Are Cuban vaccines protective?

Cuban vaccines should be considered as a complementary treatment. It is not a pre-preventive vaccine. It aims to take control of the cancerous cell to prevent metastases. In addition, it aims to make the cancer disease chronic.


Patient Testimonials

We were very pleased with the health tour provided by QBA Medi Tours. When we got off the plane, a vehicle with a private driver met us. Then we had a very nice tour guide, informing us about everything and placing us in our hotel. We were very happy with all the physicians and everyone who organized this health tour. We will definitely prefer you again. Thank you very much for everything.

E. T.

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