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Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Cuba, which draws a different profile with its natural beauties, friendly person, colorful and nostalgic cities, away from the high-rise buildings and technological opportunities of the modern age, hosts world-famous names.

Here are the world-famous names who visited Cuba:

Beyonce and Jay Z

While Beyonce and her rapper husband, Jay Z, were touring the streets of Old Havana, hundreds of Cubans gathered to see the couple.

Beyonce and Jay Z visited Cuba for their fifth anniversary in April 2013 and dined at the famous restaurant La Guarida, where the police had to intervene to keep the crowd at bay. The famous couple's mother accompanied their Cuban visit.

Katy Perry

Pop star Katy Perry visited Cuba in October 2015. Katy Perry called the country "one of the MOST AWESOME vibes alive" and called it "Disneyland for creative minds".

Katy Perry said that the highlight of her trip was to visit La Colmenita school, and the artist said, "This after-school music program for kids gave me a joy I've never experienced before and a rhythm I've never felt before. It was a jolt!".


Ludacris had his birthday with Usher in Cuba in September 2015, which Ludacris described as "The Best Birthday Ever".

Josh Hutcherson

"The Hunger Games" star Josh Hutcherson, together with Benicio Del Toro and other actors and directors, visited Cuba to shoot "Seven Days in Havana", divided into seven short stories about life in the city and directed by seven different directors.

Ry Coder

Famous slide guitarist Ry Cooder produced his 1997 album "Buena Vista Social Club" and brought previously unknown Cuban artists to the international stage.

Cooder went to Cuba in 1996 and recorded with local musicians, and many of the local musicians were former performers at the Buena Vista Social Club in Havana.

Cooder and his colleague Juan de Marcos Gonzalez organized a large group of Cuban artists and recorded at Havana's EGREM studios. The album won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Traditional Tropical Latin Album.

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