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How to Go to Cuba for Treatment?

People from many parts of the world apply for a visa to go to Cuba for different reasons. Some of these reasons are; tourism, health, and trade. Considering this situation, the Cuban government has categorized the visa applications to enter the country. It is obligatory for people to declare their reason for travel and to show a document proving the content of their visit to Cuba. These documents can be; hotel reservations, documents that prove they will receive treatment in Cuba, etc.

Below, you can see the visa types officially issued by Cuba;

  • Tourist Visa

  • Business Visa

  • Work visa

  • Student visa

  • Family visit visa

Visitors can apply for a visa online by filling out the Online Application form on the official website of the Cuban Consulate. For visa applications; they can also pay a commission fee to some agencies or by making an appointment on the website for their personal applications, then paying the visa fee after completing the necessary documents in full and submitting the prepared documents to the Cuban Consulate.

However, this process can be a little more troublesome for those who will travel for health purposes. Because, first of all, the person who will travel must contact the institution where he will be treated in Cuba and obtain the document showing that he or she will be treated in Cuba, then declare the people who will accompany him (these people must be accepted and stated in the official documents). These steps, naturally, cause a great loss of time for patients who want to start their treatment immediately.

At this point, QBA Medi Tours steps in! In addition to speeding up the process of providing the medical documents to be used in the visa procedures of the clients, thanks to the agreement with the Cuban Ministry of Health, it also completes the Cuban Consulate procedures for the clients who will be treated for cancer in Cuba and provides accommodation and treatment in fully equipped, luxury hotels and health centers. At the same time, it ensures the satisfaction of its clients with its transportation/transfer, accommodation, translation services, and professional team in Turkey and Cuba.

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