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QBA Medi Tours, which ensures the satisfaction of its clients with its professional team in Turkey and Cuba, is an official company approved by the Cuban Ministry of Health and the Turkish Ministry of Health.




As part of a well-established organization that has supported hundreds of patients without any problems in their treatment process since 2017 with the approval of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Cuban Ministry of Health, our experienced team in both Cuba and Turkey offers you professional solutions in the field. Our main goal is to make you feel at home in Cuba with the support and guidance of friendly QBA staff starting from the airport when you land in Cuba.



Transparent Price Policy

QBA Medi Tours is the first organization to work with the pricing announced by the Cuban Ministry of Health. No commission fee is added to the treatment costs. Consultancy and service fee is charged only for the organization process.



The Fastest Response and Process for Your Medical File

We receive the opinion of the Cuban Ministry of Health about your treatment in the fastest way and we will definitely inform you about the positive or negative answer within 7-10 business days. The experience of working with the Cuban Ministry of Health for many years and the speed we have gained thanks to the management of our professional team are among the main goals we have set for ourselves to ensure that our patients receive the best service.


With our solution-oriented working approach, we work to meet your needs at the highest level and to produce solutions for them with one of our most basic principles.



Service at 100% Satisfaction Level


Our professional team in Cuba and Turkey will be taking care of your application process, starting with the submission of the necessary documents to the Cuban Ministry of Health and their follow-up, until your return to your country after your treatment with our organization planning. Our professional patient consultants, who continue to be with you at any moment in the process after the patient returns to his/her country, continue to be with you for all your questions and needs.



Interpreting Services

As part of our interpreting services in Cuba, our professional interpreters are always on duty to provide you with the best service for your doctor's consultation, treatment, daily needs and also for your tourist trips.




Experts at the Cuban Ministry of Health review the reports submitted by our QBA professional patient counselors and offer alternative treatment methods to our patients. The responses to the reports sent to our patients are completely obtained from the Cuban Ministry of Health, and we inform our patients verbally and in writing in the light of the information we receive at every stage of the process.


After Service Follow-up

Keeping in touch with our patients after treatment is one of our primary goals. We continue to follow the processes after your return to your country, we are looking for answers to all your questions together, and we continue to forward the information you request or the necessary information to the Cuban Ministry of Health.




Shuttle and Transfer Services

Airport pick-up

Our professional team meets our patients at the airport in Cuba and stays with you throughout the whole process, creating a family atmosphere in Cuba.



Accommodation Services

In line with the preferences of our patients, we make your reservations in the most suitable hotels and host you in Cuba.



Other Services

For your visa procedures; QBA Medi Tours takes care of all procedures. We carry out all the paperwork and follow-up procedures for our patients to complete the visa application process.



We also follow up tickets for your flight ticket needs and offer the most affordable prices to our patients. We also provide support in ticket transactions free of charge if our patients request us to do so. For more information about the services and privileges we offer to our customers, please contact us or check our blogs.


Individual Budget Planning


We realize your individual plans together with you with maximum quality and minimum costs. As a team, our main goal is to provide the highest quality service at an affordable cost.

Information Center

You can contact our information center from anywhere in the world. Our team communicates with you, listens to the subject you want to get information about and shares the details with you according to the information provided by the Cuban Ministry of Health.



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Chairman of the Board

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General Coordinator (Turkey)

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General Coordinator (Cuba)

About Us

Since 2017, QBA Medi Tours, which is proud to be the most successful, most patient-served and most reliable company in its field, brings you the programs offered by Cuba with the principle of "We care more about your health than anything else".


Learn more about our treatment programs.

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