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Ringworm (Alopecia) Treatment

Ringworm is a skin disease also known as Alopecia or Areata Universalis. In Cuba, the success rate of this treatment is 76%. This is the cure rate of the patients who received the treatment.


Alopecia is another condition for which alternative treatment is available in Cuba. Alopecia is a skin disease commonly known as ringworm.
Ringworm treatment in Cuba is done using Piloactive Lotion and Piloactive Shampoo. The success rate of both lotion and shampoo is 76% (this is based on results from patients), as they contain substances found in the human placenta that regulate the sebaceous glands (the glands responsible for moisturizing the skin and hair), stimulate hair regrowth by improving blood circulation in the affected ringworm areas, and strengthen the hair follicles and increase protein formation in the follicles.
Piloactive products from Cuba are safe for use in children, pregnant and breastfeeding women and the elderly, and no side effects have been observed.

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