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Why Qba Medi Tours?

Thanks to the special agreements we made with the Cuban Ministry of Health, QBA Medi Tours offers you many special treatments such as cancer, vitiligo, night blindness, diabetic foot in Cuba in a fast, affordable and accurate way, accompanied by our expert staff.

Why Qba Medi Tours

  • Opportunity to receive service from an institution approved by the Ministry of Health of Turkey and the Ministry of Health of Cuba and that has served the largest number of patients in its field to date

  • One-to-one implementation of the fees offered by the Cuban Ministry of Health with a transparent price policy.

  • 100% satisfaction level with the professional team based in Cuba.

  • Thanks to the Cuban Ministry of Health agreement and the established team, the fastest response to patients is guaranteed.

  • Solution-oriented and ethical approach basis.

  • Experienced and professional staff

Why Cuba

  • Cuba treats nearly 20,000 international patients in its advanced care facilities each year.

  • The Cuban government allocates 10% of its yearly GDP to healthcare, higher than many other countries.

  • Cuba has invested heavily on biotechnology, genetics and medical research. Cuba has also been a major player in the cancer research and orphan drug market, offering unique experimental solutions for many illnesses such as advanced cancer, skin disease, diabetes, and stem-cell therapies, at a much lower cost than available in developed countries.

  • Cuba has one of the lowest rates of substance addiction, and very strict control mechanisms in place to combat substance-abuse. Cuba is therefore seen as a prime location for patients seeking addiction therapy in a shielded environment.

  • Cuban hospitals and healthcare institutions provide efficient and high-quality service, and are recognized globally. They comply with global ISO 9001 ve ISO 14001 standards in terms of clinical outcomes, safety, hygiene and care-quality.​

  • The healthcare capacity in Cuba is sufficient. In most cases, patients can receive medical treatment within less than a week.

  • Cuban clinicians have performed numerous international missions since 1963, and Cuba remains one of the major contributors to global health.

  • Cuba employs over 28,000 experienced healthcare workers, most of which routinely serve in more than 59 international locations such as Africa and the MENA region.

  • Cuba was the first country in the world to eliminated Polio in 1962 and Measles in 1996.​

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