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Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment

The Institute of Gastroenterology is Cuba's leading Gastroenterology center with an emphasis on the field of research. Considering Pediatric Gastroenterology with invaluable development, it stands out in the training of professionals dedicated to the specialty.

Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Treatment (HeberNasvac®)
It allows a comprehensive evaluation of adult and pediatric patients with Chronic Hepetitis B Virus, from prevention with prophylactic vaccination to diagnosis and treatment with treatments produced in Cuba, in addition to oral antivirals (Tenofovir) and immunomodulators, therapeutic vaccine (HeberNasvac). HeberNasvac® mucosal ( It is administered via intranasal) and parenteral (subcutaneous) routes. HeberNasvac® causes a strong immune response.

Patients who are not approved for the program:
- Adult patients positive for the disease for more than 6 months.
- Hepatic enzymes values ​​are below 500 UI/L.
- Patients with liver cirrhosis.
- Liver cancer patients.
- Patients who have had a liver transplant.
-Patients with acute illness.
- Patients with liver failure.
-Patients with weakened immunity or those taking steroid drugs for a long time are not treated.


Registration is easy.  Follow the steps and we will get in touch with you shortly to advise you further.

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