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Why Should I Apply to Cuba through an Agency?

Since Cuba adopts a socialist government system, it acts with institutions approved by the state. Qba Medi Tours has been awarded the international most reliable company award by the Cuban Ministry of Health. It is an institution that has been contracted with the Cuban Ministry of Health for many years and has become official in Cuba. Qba Medi Tours, which has been authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the Cuban Ministry of Health and has signed official agreements, acts as a bridge between the patient and the Cuban Ministry of Health by receiving applications from both Turkiye and Europe. Therefore, you will receive a quick response to your applications with Qba Medi Tours.

After the answer is received, a fast flow is ensured and organizations are carried out in a short time for the incoming programs. Supplement programs in Cuba create diversity within themselves. Programs are carried out in the most accurate and fastest way and delivered on behalf of the patient. The important thing is the follow-up process after the incoming program. Qba Medi Tours continues to serve as a bridge between the patient and the Cuban Ministry of Health. The patient communicates with the doctors in every change in his condition and every question he wants to ask. Online meetings with doctors in Cuba can be scheduled according to your requests. In these meetings, the doctor and the patient have an online video call and interpreter support is provided.

Physicians in Cuba are notified immediately and an instant response is received instantly. Recently, victimizations over a sensitive issue such as health have increased. We observe that those who want to benefit from Cuban alternative treatments through unofficial means are given wrong medication instructions, wrong programs, there are big differences in pricing issues, patient follow-up with doctors cannot be done, and also medication instruction information is not done correctly. The Cuban Ministry of Health does not deliver vaccines and supplements through individuals, but through official institutions or direct contact with the patient. It does not sell them in bulk to any institution, organization or individual, does not deliver them for money, or does not approve programs without evaluation.

In Cuba, cancer types such as head and neck tumors, non-small cell lung cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and skin cancer may be eligible for vaccination. In non-small cell lung cancer, CimaVax - EGF and Racotumomab (Vaxira) cancer vaccines are administered. Nimotuzumab (CIMAher) is the vaccine used in other cancer types mentioned above. There is also a Vidatox (blue scorpion venom) supplementation program.

Every official application will have a file tracking number. The file tracking number is assigned by the Cuban Ministry of Health and every official application must have this tracking number. You can tell if your application is official or not by this file tracking number. In addition, any program that has not been applied for, evaluated by a doctor and approved by the Cuban Ministry of Health is not official and cannot be given vaccines or supplements. You can choose Qba Medi Tours to prevent these grievances and to carry out the most accurate and professional process for the patient.

Qba Medi Tours, which has supported the process of many famous names, carried out the Cuba application and follow-up process of Arif Sağ, who had lung cancer. Qba Medi Tours, which has established its own professional team both in Turkey and in Cuba, carries out the process of its clients with great care and dedication.

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