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The success of Coriodemina is its high efficacy (more than 75% of complete cure). It is because it inhibits and regulates the speed of epidermis cells, neutralizing cytokines and neuropeptides (molecules responsible for cell communication). Coriodemina is applied directly to psoriatic lesions and is absorbed by the dermis (the middle layer of the skin that is the first defence against heat, light, infection and injury). The success of Coriodermina depends on the age of the patient, the rate of the affected area, how long the patient has had psoriasis, and the correct application of the treatment.

Coriodemina is safe to use on children, pregnant and lactating women, and the elderly. No side effects have been observed.

In the psoriasis treatment program in Cuba, at the first consultation, patients are examined to determine what percentage of their skin is affected and the amount of medication required for treatment is calculated; In addition, detailed explanations are made about the characteristics of the disease and the use of drugs. In addition, our patients who go to Cuba for psoriasis treatment can stay in the hotels they choose.

Apart from the consultation day, they can get support from our teammates to get to know the other beauties of Cuba according to their wishes. While you are being treated, a nice Cuban holiday will be waiting for you.

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