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Cancer vaccine treatment in Cuba from the eyes of our lung cancer patient

I learned that I had lung cancer at the beginning of the disease, like 10 months. I learned on TV that there is a lung cancer vaccine in Cuba.

While I was researching about lung cancer treatment, lung cancer vaccine, I found Qba Medi Tours firm in Istanbul. I contacted with Qba Medi Tours about lung cancer treatment. QBA Medi Tours has contacted the Cuban Ministry of Health to inform them about the suitability of lung cancer treatment for me. Within about 10 days, I was informed that I could have lung cancer vaccine treatment. Qba Medi Tours has arranged our plane tickets, visa procedures and hotel reservations. 

In Cuba, where we went for lung cancer treatment, an interpreter arranged by Qba Medi Tours welcomed us. Interpreter accompanied us to our hospital and placed us in our hotel in Cuba, where we came for lung cancer treatment. We received lung cancer vaccines from the hospital where we went for the lung cancer vaccine in Cuba. Lung cancer vaccines from Cuba had to be stored in the cold. Before we went to Cuba, we brought a vaccine bag and ice battery to carry the lung cancer vaccine with us from Turkey and we kept the lung cancer vaccines in them during the journey. Lung cancer vaccines that we received from Cuba were not supposed to pass through x-ray devices. The interpreter that Qba Medi Tours prepared for us in advance, prescribed a lung cancer vaccine given by the Cuban Ministry of Health, gave it to the authorities, enabling us to go through the X-ray device. When we come to Turkey from Cuba, we didn’t need to go through the X-ray device when we shared it with officials prescribing a lung cancer vaccine, issued by Cuba’s Health Ministry. We are currently pleased with the entire lung cancer vaccine process. We thank Qba Medi Tours for their quality service to us. From Turkey to Cuba, where we went to get the lung cancer vaccine, the entire organization was fully set up.

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