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Patient Comments

You can read our patients' thoughts about us.


What Our Patients Say

E. T.

We were so pleased with the health tour provided by QBA Medi Tours with the whole family. A vehicle with a special driver welcomed us when we landed. Then, we had a very good tour guide, they provided us to check in our hotel by informing us of any matter. We were so pleased with everybody who organised this health tour and all doctors. If we had any health problem, we would prefer you. Thank you so much for everything.  

L. E.

Thank you very much to QBA Medi Tours company for providing a bridge function and giving the required importance to the human health in such an important organization, the whole team is completely sincere and warm, success was provided with the support of the whole team without experiencing any problem while travelling thousands of km, it is a company and team which we can suggest to everybody, so glad we have you, thanks again.

E. Y. 

QBA Medi Tours treated me as if I was their fellow from the first moment when I entered into the company. They hardly never left me alone during my treatment in Cuba. They did not lose their contact after I returned to Turkey. I am grateful to them for my treatment process when I got rid of my Vitiligo and made excellent friends.

K. A. 

I applaud the way QBA Medi Tours officials are handling such a vital issue as cancer. They never neglected the interest and relevance before, during and after the treatment program we carried out in Cuba for a week, and they played a very important role in our recovery. On behalf of my family, I thank you.

D. Y. 

About 6 years ago, my wife had a serious traffic accident. After receiving the news, I noticed color changes in some parts of my body at the end of a week during the surgeries and intensive care unit. I was only able to see a doctor about a month later for these color changes on my hands, elbows and neck. I was told that I have vitiligo. I tried many medical and alternative medicine methods from vitamin D to ointments, from black seed oil to gingko, but unfortunately I could not reach a permanent solution. I heard about QBA Medi Tours from a friend who does research on cancer treatment. When I heard that vitiligo can be treated in Cuba, I got curious and went to the interview. From the very first moment, their positive and helpful approach made me believe in them. I had my reports translated into English and submitted to QBA Medi Tours with photos of vitiligo areas. After about 10 days, I learned that I have a chance to be treated in Cuba if I want. I chose one of the alternative programs offered by the company and went to Cuba in December. After 3 sessions of treatment, I returned to Turkey with my medications. Currently the discoloration on my hands and elbows has completely disappeared; On my neck, it was light enough that only I could notice. From the first moment I stepped into QBA Medi Tours, they treated me like a friend. They almost never left me alone during my treatment in Cuba. After returning to Turkey, they never broke off their contact. I am grateful to them for my treatment process where I got rid of my vitiligo and gained wonderful friends.

G. C. 

I am 23 years old and have suffered from psoriasis since I was 12 years old. The effect was not obvious because I wore long clothes in the winter months, but the spring and summer months turned into a nightmare for me. I tried many ways to get rid of this disease. Despite receiving psychological treatment, I still couldn't get over my pessimism. Since I lacked self-confidence, it also affected my business life. I couldn't dress the way I wanted and I was very ashamed of myself. QBA Medi Tours has been a light to me this spring. I contacted them and I was treated in Cuba for about 10 days. I am happier and more confident than I have ever been. I even found a job. Thank you so much for being with me throughout this process.

M. V. 

Many thanks to the QBA Medi Tours team for always supporting us throughout my cousin's cancer treatment. From the day we came to Cuba to the last day, they were very helpful in our meetings with our doctors. We went through this process with a great team. It is very valuable that they give us the opportunity to have such an important treatment in Cuba and enable us to reach specialist doctors. I thank them.

S. C. 

I have been dealing with cancer for about 3 years and my disease was increasing day by day. Cancer treatment is highly developed in Cuba. I heard that QBA Medi Tours is a health bridge between Cuba and Turkey. I wanted to be treated before my disease progressed further. That's why I took my breath there. I went to Cuba for a week to get a cancer vaccine. The hotels and services were of very high quality, and the doctors were very attentive. When my treatment was over, seeing my cancer regressed both increased my motivation and gave me hope that I could beat the cancer.


In 2019, we learned that my sister had stage 3D lung cancer. The treatments in Turkey started, meanwhile, we went in search and found the QBAMEDI agency, we went to Cuba for treatment through them, we took my sister, both those working in the agency and the hospital staff in Cuba were so interested and relevant in every sense. they helped us when we had no hope, they brought us back to life when we had no hope, we still have a relationship, we still have all kinds of pet ct MRI computerized tomography taken for my sister are checked by both doctors in Turkey and doctors in Cuba. I'm glad they exist, we are very happy that we made the right choice and worked with this agency.


It was a great chance for us to meet the QBA MEDI TUR team after my wife's cancer diagnosis. It is very difficult to be helpless about health, they gave us hope for healthy days. They have helped and guided us in every way so that we can benefit from the work done by Cuba in cancer treatment. It is very valuable in this difficult process that we are going through the difficult process that we are going through the tests done at every stage of our treatment, to the Cuban doctors, to follow up on our behalf, to communicate with us quickly on every issue. I hope that our treatment, carried out in line with the recommendations of Cuban doctors, will result in a positive outcome, and I wish my wife to regain her health. Thanks to both the QBA MEDI TUR team and the Cuban doctors, we still have hope of getting rid of the disease. Many thanks and congratulations to the entire team…

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