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Popular Artist Arif Sağ Went to Cuba for Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Artist Arif Sağ, who has been treated for cancer for a while, went to Cuba for treatment in December 2017.

After his treatments in Turkey, Arif Sağ decided to go to Cuba with the recommendation of his doctor, and returned after completing his 5-day treatment in Cuba through qba medi tours.

The Cuban Ministry of Health, after examining the reports of Arif Sağ, gave approval not for the Cuban cancer vaccine, but for the program to improve the quality of life.

Stating that before he went to Cuba, he could not walk well and even climb the stairs by himself, the beloved artist Arif Sağ talked about his experiences after he returned from Cuba.


"My doctor said, 'There is a medicine in Cuba, I would recommend the treatment there.' I haven't seen a sad person there. Everyone is happy. They are walking on the street singing. If the bottle of the drug is 100 dollars there, it is 2700 here. Those drugs are free for their own people. All the treatments in the hospital is free. The cancer rate seems to be zero. People are peaceful. Bread, food, home, hospital, education are free. Everything for a person's life is free. The government also gives 30 liras just in case you need it."


Arif Sağ stated that he used a sublingual treatment in Cuba and that he will continue to do so in Turkey. He continued by saying "My doctor in Cuba said, you will use this medicine as if it's your glasses or like a person who needs to use insulin constantly. My doctor here said the same thing. Going to Cuba disciplined my life. You have to have breakfast, lunch, dinner at a certain time of the day. I used to brush my teeth once in a week. Now for sublingual drops, I have to brush my teeth after every meal. "

Arif Sağ, who often jokes, said that the Cuban Ambassador, who gave a meal in his honor, stated that "Only 7 Turks live here. We are the 3 of them. They do not accept everyone. We get together and chat from time to time." Arif Sağ, who said that he heard that drugs were being developed against psoriasis and rheumatism in Cuba, said, "I am someone to be loved. I love them too. Let them continue to love me," said Arif Sağ, regarding the love shown to him after the unfounded allegations made during his Cuba visit.


Cuban Ambassador of Ankara and Cuban Ministry of Health officials visited Arif Sağ

Arif Sağ, who went to Cuba for cancer treatment in 2017, was visited by the Cuban Ambassador of Ankara, Cuban Ministry of Health officials and the founder of Qba medi tours.

Cuban authorities, who closely followed the situation of the beloved artist Arif Sağ, who was consulted by Qba Medi Tours, visited the artist at his home.

Cuban authorities, who were informed about the health status of Arif Sağ, stated that they were very pleased with this visit and that they always wanted to do good business with Turkey.

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