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Vitiligo treatment in Cuba

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Cuba comes in first place in world with vitiligo (skin disease) treatment methods. Effective medicines have been developed to treat vitiligo disease in Cuba.

80% of vitiligo patients treated with these drugs in Cuba seem to be successful . Since the first term of vitiligo disease, patients undergoing vitiligo treatment in Cuba have much higher recovery rate.

Can all patients applying to Qba Medi tours for Vitiligo treatment in Cuba be treated for vitiligo in Cuba?

Some documents are required before patients admitted to QBA Medi tours in Cuba for vitiligo treatment. In the documents requested for the treatment of vitiligo in Cuba; “When did vitiligo disease start? What medicines and vitiligo treatments have been administered to date for your vitiligo disease? What were the results of vitiligo treatment?” it’s questions like”. In addition, the patient is also asked for photos of areas with vitiligo disease.

Vitiligo treatment specialists in Cuba review the reports and report the results to QBA Medi Tours.

If the person with vitiligo is eligible for the treatment of vitiligo in Cuba, the appropriate vitiligo treatment program is also delivered to QBA Medi Tours. Patients who are not eligible for vitiligo treatment in Cuba are unfortunately unable to go to Cuba for vitiligo treatment. As QBA Medi Tours, we are with you in the process of visa processing, plane tickets, hotel transfers, accommodation and vitiligo disease treatment in Cuba. Contact us for further information on vitiligo treatment in Cuba. Let’s share with you detailed information about vitiligo treatment in Cuba.

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