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Interest of Turkish Patients to Cuba is Increasing

Cuba which covered great distance in treatment of such diseases as vitilig, alopecia, psoriasis and moon-blind, notably cancer, draws intense interest of patients in Turkey.

Executives of QBA MediTours mediating those who want to go to Cuba particularly for cancer vaccination, highlighted that there is a serious demand from Turkey.

“There are many people who want to go to Cuba for the purpose of being treated particularly for cancer in our country. Reports of cancer patients applied to us are sent to Cuba by our company. The specialist oncologists notify us that whether our patient is suitable for the treatments applied i Cuba or not as soon as possible. In case of approval of the reports, we provide the transportation of the patient applied for treatment to Cuba. Cuba Ministry of Health notify us regarding that in case a favorable treatment is possible for our patient, what sort of treatment will be applied, how long it will take and the cost which will incur.” Ugur Yücel, Founder of QBA MediTours which is officially certified by Cuba Ministry of Health, Embassy and Turkey Ministry of Foreign Affairs, says.

Cancer Vaccination has no Adverse Effect

“There are vaccination treatments and alternative biotherapy method in Cuba. Treatment is applied for many cancer types, head and neck, colon, stomach, pancreas, breast, soft tissue cancers, but notably non-small cell lung cancer (non-small cell NSCLC). Apart from these, cancer types for which vaccination treatment is applied are non-small cell (non-small cell NSCLC) lung cancer, brain tumors (glioblastoma)

This vaccination does not directly attack to tumors. It targets the protein called as “epidermal growth factor” produced by tumor and circulating in the blood. This protein commands to the cells to grow and divide. Here, this vaccination prevents this protein to adhered to the cancerous cells. The vaccination treatments in Cuba is not a preventive vaccination, it prevents the growth and metastasi of the existing tumors. Late stage cancer becomes a disease with which people live together. The aim of the treatment is to turn the cancer into a chronic disease” says Ugur Yücel who highlighted what the profressors applying the treatment said “We do not see any adverse effect even in the subcutaneous application area. This is a great advantage”.

Arif Sağ also went to Cuba in December for Treatment…

“Our valuable artist Arif Sağ who is lung cancer patient went to Cuba and was treated by means of our company. A treatment method known under the name of “life quality program”, strengthening the immune system and reducing the adverse effects of chemotherapy-radiotherapy was applied onto Arif Sağ. Duration of this treatment in Cuba lasted for up to 5 days. As QBA MediTours, we are aiming to stand by our patients in physiological and psychological sense from the very beginning to the end of the process. We become the family of patients going from Turkey in Cuba. I can say that we are doing everything as much as we can for the patients to overcome this process in the easiest way” says Yücel who stated that the famous artist Arif Sağ went to Cuba by means of QBA MediTours for the purpose of being treated for cancer in December 2017.

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