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Development of cancer treatment in Cuba

Cuba began investing in cancer vaccine technology in the 1980s to provide immunity to infectious agents. Cuba has made greate advences in immunopharmacology.

Cuba, with the development of biotechnological drugs in other areas, especially in the treatment of cancer in Cuba has become a signatory to new inventions.

The Cuban govermant, has developed new methods and cancer vaccines for cancer treatment by using the biotechnology, genethic engineering and scientists in the fight against cancer disease that increases death rate in the country. Cancer treatment in Cuba is still developing. Cuba’s reputation and research particularly in the treatment of cancer and in the health sector in general, Cuban scientists who are well educated in the fields of biotechnology, molecular pharmacology and genetic engineering, it is based on the discovery of innovotive vaccines, medicines and new treatment methods for the treatment of cancer vaccine and other chronic disease by supporting Cuban scientists in their reserch centers in Cuba. The difference between the vaccines and the drugs developed in the treatment of cancer in Cuba is that the chemotherapy and radiotherapy received by the patient are both more effective and less toxic substance is less harmful to the patient.

In Cuba, biotechnology has transformed cancer from a fatal disease to a chronic disease. Cuba’s immunology center (vaccine treatment to strengthen the immune system), lung cancer treatment, skin cancer and skin diseases (vitiligo) and diabetes disease (diabetes-related foot wound) has been innovating in the treatment of these treatments and it is observed that research on these treatments intensified.

The Cuban health system has a well-known healthcare system which allow all segments of the Cuban community to Access health service despite their limited resources, it has a health system that is engaged in intensive researches and development activities through reasearch centers, which are both strategically and financially supported by the goverment.

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