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Cuban Cancer Treatment

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

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It is possible to reach thousands of true or false news and content on the internet about Cuban cancer treatment and the Cuban cancer vaccine. However, cancer patients or their relatives who research them want to reach accurate information about cancer treatments and Cuban cancer vaccines in Cuba. As an official company approved by the Cuban Ministry of Health, we would like to accurately convey the information conveyed to us by the ministry about cancer treatments in Cuba.

"Cuba has found a solution to cancer, Cuban cancer vaccines, how does the cancer treatment process work in Cuba, what is the price of Cuban cancer treatment or Cuban cancer vaccine, how to go to Cuba for cancer treatment, how can I apply for cancer treatment in Cuba?" We will explained those questions.

Free consultation (Free preliminary information)

QBAMEDITOURS, which operates within the framework of an official agreement with the Cuban Ministry of Health, does not charge you a fee for preliminary information. We provide free consultancy to people who want to get information about Cuban cancer treatment, Cuban cancer vaccine and other alternative treatment methods in Cuba through our contact numbers.

Is cancer treatment in Cuba a solution/what is its effect?

First of all, cancer vaccines in Cuba are curative, not preventive. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine treatment for every type of cancer in Cuba. There are vaccines for certain types of cancer. You can find detailed information about this on our cancer treatments page.

"Cancer vaccines in Cuba do not directly destroy the tumour. By activating the immune system, it enables its components to fight cancerous cells developing in the body. In this way, the patient can survive for a long time with a high standard of living. The aim of Cuban cancer vaccines is to take the disease out of a deadly state and turn it into a chronic one."

-Dr Anabely

How to travel to Cuba for cancer treatment?

In order to go to Cuba for cancer treatment, a specialist's opinion must be obtained first. For this reason, patient reports are first sent to the Cuban Ministry of Health. Doctors analyze the patient's suitability for cancer treatments in Cuba or the Cuban cancer vaccine. If the approval is obtained as a result of the analysis, the patient can go to Cuba.

Cancer treatment in Cuba without commission

QBA Medi Tours is operated by both the Cuban Ministry of Health and the T.C. It is an official company approved by the Ministry of Health. You can see the approved documents of our company on the Why QBA MEDI TOUR page. Thanks to this official agreement with Cuba, we get the fastest response for you and we do not add any commission on the Cuban cancer treatment prices.

What is the price of Cuban cancer treatment or Cuban cancer vaccine?

Of course, one of the most curious questions of our clients who want to go to Cuba for cancer treatment is the prices of the Cuban cancer vaccine. As we mentioned above, QBA Medi Tours works as an official institution authorized by Cuba with the prices offered by the Cuban Ministry of Health. QBA Medi Tours only charges you for the issues it provides services to you.

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