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Night Blindness Treatment in Cuba

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What is Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Disease?


Night Blindness (also called Night Blindness: Chicken Black) is a visual impairment condition that affects 1 in every 10,000 people. Chicken Black is an eye disease and the medical name for Night Blindness (Chicken Black) is "Nictalopia". Night blindness, also known as Chicken Black or Retinitis Pigmentosa, is the problem of seeing clearly at night or in dim light and can be the cause of many Night Blindness. Considering that it is more effective in stabilizing Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Disease, surgical intervention is very important for the treatment of Chicken Black (Night Blindness) disease.

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How is Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Disease Treated in Cuba?

In the Centro Internacional de Retinitis Pigmentaria (International Center for Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Retinitis Pigmentosa) "Camilo Cienfuegos" in Havana, a treatment method has been developed as a solution to Night Blindness for more than 20 years. The method, which includes special surgical techniques and additional therapies for the treatment of Chicken Black (Night Blindness) in Cuba, has managed to prevent blindness by stopping the progression of Night Blindness Retinitis Pigmentosa in hundreds of patients.


What Vitamin Deficiency Is Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Seen?


Antioxidants, alpha-lipoic acid, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins A and C, and zinc are important for eye health. Foods and beverages rich in these nutrients must be consumed regularly to protect eye health. Vitamin A deficiency is typical of night blindness. Vitamin A is important for night blindness and foods rich in this aspect should be consumed.

How Does Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment Process Work?


For the treatment of Night Blindness (another name for Chicken Black) in Cuba, the patient's vision rate report is first sent to Cuba. Chicken Black (Night Blindness) doctors at the Cuban Ministry of Health, after examining the patient's medical document for night blindness, evaluate whether "Nictalopia" (popularly known as night blindness and chicken black) can be treated in Cuba or not. If the result of the evaluation of Chicken Black (Night Blindness) specialist doctors is approved and the patient accepts the Chicken Black (Night Blindness) treatment, he can go to Cuba.

How to Go to Cuba for Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment?


QBA Medi Tours provides a comfortable trip to Cuba from all over the world for Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment in Cuba. At the airport in Cuba, our professional team greets our clients who will have Night Blindness Treatment in Cuba and stays with our clients throughout the entire process in Cuba.

What is the Price of Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment?


Night Blindness, also known as Chicken Black, costs $7,040. The services included in the program are as follows:

  • 21 nights accommodation in a private room (including meals and nursing care)

  • Care from a hospital doctor (business card)

  • Initial assessment and preparation of medical history

  • Expert consultations

  • Basic preoperative research

  • Basic ophthalmological research

  • Surgical intervention

  • Basic medical treatments

  • Transfer by car to and from the airport

The amount to be paid per companion for the entire stay (21 days) including meals will be $840.

Services Provided by QBA Medi Tours to Clients Going to Cuba for the Treatment of Chicken Blackness (Night Blindness)


QBA Medi Tours welcomes clients who have applied for Chicken Black (Night Blindness) treatment and whose procedures have been completed in a short time, with a professional team at the airport in Cuba. With its transportation/transfer, accommodation, translation services, it provides satisfaction with its professional team in Turkey and Cuba for the clients who come for Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment in Cuba. QBA Medi Tours completes the Cuban Consulate procedures for its clients who will undergo Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment in Cuba.

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Your Contact with the After-Service Cuban Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Specialist Continues

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After getting Chicken Black (Night Blindness) Treatment and returning from Cuba, we follow your process as QBA Medi Tours team. We always share your reports that you want the Cuban Chicken Black (Night Blindness) specialist doctors to see, free of charge, with the Cuban Ministry of Health. We share the feedback with you as soon as possible.

To get more information about Chicken Black (Night Blindness) treatment, fill out the application form and we will contact you immediately.

You can always contact us for all your questions.

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