QBA Meditours

Our Team


Uğur Yücel

General Manager / Founder

Uğur Yücel who has been active in health tourism for 35 years, has pioneered transfer of patients from Europe to Turkey.

Uğur Yücel who took his place among the founding partners of QBA Medi Tourism founded in 2017, is still serving as General Manager.


Büşra Uğurcan

General Coordinator

Büşra Uğurcan who was graduated from Press Technologies Department of Istanbul Aydın University in 2013, started to work as content editor in Hürriyet Gazetesi.

Büşra Uğurcan who serves as content director in organizations such as Türkiye Gazetesi, Milliyet Gazetesi, continues her duty as General coordinator in QBA MediTours.


Cansu Alanur

Director of Human Resources

In 2013, Cansu Alanur graduated from Istanbul University and completed her coaching and human resources training at Kadir Has University.

He has taken part in many volunteer teaching positions at various institutions and is currently working as Human Resources Manager at QBA Medi Tours Istanbul.


Martin Shamsul Islam

Sales and Marketing Manager

Martin Shamsul Islam was born in 1990 in Bonn, Germany. There he attained his high school diploma in 2011. Shortly after, he spent a year (2011-2012) in France for educational purposes, where he greatly improved his ability in French tongue. After his time abroad he moved to Wuppertal, Germany where he began his studies of romance and sports.

During his studies, he worked for a French company “Exportease”, which is located in Lyon, France. Employed in May 2019, he is now the sales and marketing manager of QBA Medi Tours.


Meieli Borowsky

Director of Human Resources​

Meieli Borowsky, who completed her apprenticeship as a foreign language sales assistant in 2011, graduated in economics in 2012 and subsequently began her studies in French and philosophy.

Since 2017 she is working on a voluntary basis at the Diakonie in Wuppertal.Now she is working as Director of human Resources at QBA Medi Tours Germany.