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Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the most fatal cancer type in the world, because in many cases cancer has already spread and it has progressed to advanced stage before being diagnosed. The lung cancer is the abnormal and uncontrollable cell growth in one or both of the lungs.

It is generally divided into two main groups; non-small cell lung cancer (85-90% of all cases) and small cell lung cancer (10% of all cases); the most important difference among them is the size and spreadind speed of the cancerous cells. As a result of this, different treatment is applied into each lung cancer group.

Since the small cell lung cancer has an agressive nature, the operation is not the recommended procedure. Notwithstanding, if the cancer was consisted of tumor in only one lung and if it did not spread to lymph nodes and/or other organs, the operation would be considered as an option.

As is in all cancers, the lung cancer’s treatment depends on the size of the cancer and to the spreading extent and general health condition of the patient.

The following treatment programs are offered

Resection Program

Pneumonectomy: It is an important surgical procedure containing the removal of the complete lung in order to remove the lung tissue with tumor. This procedure is generally performed in the event that tumor is so close to the central section of chest or small fragments of the cancer cannot be removed. Pneumonectomy is an open chest technique.

Lobectomy: In non-small cell lung cancer, it is the removal of just one lobe (section) belonging to the lung where there are cancerous cells. It is the most common and effective operation for this type of lung cancer.

Pancoast Tumor Resection: It is the removal of cancerous tumor located in the upper section of the lung. 95% of the pancoast tumors is the part of non-small cell lung cancer.

Thorax Healthcare Programs: Thorax is the chest region between the neck and diaphgram and it contains the all important respiratory and circulatory organs.

The following programs are offered

  • Diagnostic Thoracoscopy: It is the process where a tube on which a small camera is placed onto its tip (endoscope) is passed through a small incision on the chest wall for the purpose of examining the thorax region and diagnosing.
  • Thoracoscopy for Lung Metastasectomy: It is a thoracoscopic operation for removal of secondary cancers which spread from another part of the body to the lung/lungs.
  • Resection of Lung Bullae (Bullectomy): It is a thoracoscopic operation performed for removal of air cyst/cysts in the lung caused by lung cancer or other lung diseases.