Health tourism

“We will extend the Cuba Health Network to the Whole World by Starting from Turkey”


“We aim to extend this health network to the whole world by starting from Turkey” Ferhat Gürbüz who is one of the founders of QBA MediTours health services performing health tourism to Cuba that makes a distinguished name for itself with treatment methods developed in the world, says, stating that their Cuba adventures were based on 15 years ago.

Cuba covering an important distance in fighting with cancer in our present day, makes a name for itself with the vaccination treatments it developed. 3 Turkish entrepreneur centers which started health tourism by closely following the progresses in health field in Cuba, founded QBA MediTours health services located in Istanbul.

In the statement made from the company, it is stated that they aim to build a health bridge between Cuba and Turkey. “We aim to extend this health network for which we believe that it will be beneficial to all our people in this way we set out with our Cuba adventure, experiences and what we have based on 15 years ago, to the whole world starting from Turkey.

Our communication with patients who are treated one-by-one within this process, our process tracking and positive eactions we received from those people pioneered the establishment of this health network” says Ferhat Gürbüz, one of the Company foundes.

In the statement made from the company, it was noted that while Cuba attracts attention all over the world in recent years with treatments it developed in healthcare field although it is a developing country, this country which places the public health always to the first rank, produces its own drugs at a rate of 70% despite the economical stress.

Source: İHA