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Which drug was developed in Cuba for treatment of Vitiligo?


Although the reason of Vitiligo is not still known, many studies have shown that disease is more prevalent in patients of hyperthyroidisim, pernicious anemia or adrenocortical insufficiency.

Some of the factors leading to Vitiligo development are autoimmune reaction, genetic, oxidative stress, neural reasons, thyroid disease, diabetes mellitus, suntan, viral infection or exposure to certain chemical substances.

In treatment applied for the Vitiligo in our services, Melagenina Plus ointment which is an extract containing alcohol obtained from human plasenta and melagenina and calcium mixture, developed by M.D. Carlos Manuel MiyaresCao, is used. This ointment contributes into the treatment by re-stimulating the melanocyte formation in the edges of the affected region and/or within the affected region.

At the end of the studies, it was seen that drug was effective in 86% of the patients and favorable results are obtained if it is used for 3-7 days. The use of MelageninaPlus in children, pregnant or breastfeeding women and elderly people are safe and no adverse effect has been seen.