QBA Meditours

Frequently Asked Questions

Calling the phone number 0212 212 04 28 or entering the necessary information into the application section from www.qba-meditours.com will be enough.
After you make an application from the website of QBA MediTours, an e-mail informing you of the subject will be sent to you. According to this e-mail, you have to collect the medical documents of the patient and have these documents translated into English.
If you know a person who translates the documents into English in medical language in your immediate vicinity, he/she can translate. If you do not know such a person, you can have these documents translated in any translation office or in the translation office we work in contractual basis for the price they established by the number of character.
You will send the English translation of medical documents to info@qba-meditours.com.
Since each individual applicaition is examined down to the last detail, our medical doctors notify us their analyses within 7-10 days, excluding the weekends and religious holidays.
We notify the positive or negative response coming from our medical doctors in Cuba to the patient or its relatives by phone. We inform our patients for whom we received positive return of the details of treatment program.
There is a vaccination treatment for many cancer types in Cuba, however, they cannot be applied in each patient.
There are alternative treatments developed in Cuba. For this, we take analysis from our medical doctors whether you are suitable for being treated in Cuba or not. If you are suitable for the response given by them, a specific health program is created. In the event that cancer is much spread to the body, there are treatments performed under the heading of “life quality increasing programs” in Cuba. The aim of this treatment program is to strengthen the immune system of the patient.
Since all of drugs belong to Cuba, importing drugs is not legal. Therefore, we cannot import drug without going to Cuba.
We share the price information related with all disease types after the analysis process. Because pricing is notified to us by Cuba Ministry of Health. We cannot state an average price before the patient enters into analysis process.
Flight ticket and visa are not included into our healthcare programs.
The native language of Cuba is Spanish. But, many of doctors also speak English.

Patient has to stay in Cuba for about one week. However, this process may vary by the state of the patient under too rare conditions.