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Cuban Specialists Met with Press Members

Medical doctors who are accepted as two physicians who mostly administer the cancer vaccination in Cuba and sent to our Country by Cuba Ministry of Health, met with the press in a special organization organized by QBA MediTours.

Cuban medical doctors who are recognized all over the world and make a successful name in the health field for themselves thanks to the special vaccination treatments they developed, met with press members in Istanbul.

Cuban medical doctors Eskatherine Urgelles Blanco and Anabely Estevez García who came to our country as guests of QBA MediTours, one of the reliable companies of Cuba health tourism, and within the scope of information studies by Cuba Ministry of Health, shared detailed information about recent developments in Cuba Cancer Vaccination, cancer types which the vaccination affects and areas of influences and treatment process.

Fighting with Cancer Gained Momentum in 90’s all over the World

“Studies related with cancer started to develop in 1990’s and studies which collected interest of the whole world have continuously developed as from that date. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments have started to change form with the studies developed particularly as from 2011 in Cuba. These treatments are directly applied onto the cell now. This intelligent method which directly interacts with the center of the cell fights with cells for eliminating the attack they made on the immunity system” says Anabely Estevez García who spoke about the studies related with cancer in the world.

Success Fields of the Cuba Cancer Vaccination

“A remarkable success can be achieved in brain, head and neck tumors and pancreas, lung and breast cancers.” says M.D. AnabelyEstevezGarcia who mentioned about cancer types for which particularly cancer vaccination exhibited success.

“In the vaccination practices, we may not unfortunately see the positive impact which it shows in 1st and 2nd stages of the disease, in the last stage. We may not take positive response if functional problem starts in the other organs in the patients who come in 4th stage” speaks Garcia who stated that vaccinations are used in all stages of disease.

Turkish Doctors also Conduct Research in Cuba

“American medical doctors also come to Cuba for medical research, but, they do not share these results with the world due to political handicaps.” states M.D. Eskatherine Urgelles Blanco who came to our country with the approval of Cuba Ministry of Health by specifying that they host oncologists from many different countries of Cuba.

“Turkish medical doctors also come to Cuba for research and they conduct various applications here. We had a acquaintance meeting with Union of Medical Doctors and we exhanged our ideas. We try to hold these meetings all over the world and so, we place great importace onto such studies” says Blanco.

On the other hand, Cuban oncologists being present in Turkey will evaluate the suitability of the patients to the treatment applied in Cuba down to the last detail by interviewing with the patients one-by-one in the headquarter of QBA MediTours on 8 and 9 June.