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Cuban Medical Doctors come to Turkey with QBA Assurance

Two medical doctors who apply the cancer vaccination in Cuba come to Turkey for the first time on June with the assurance of QBA MediTours.

The Cuban oncologists who are recognized all over the world and are mentioned most often in the health field thanks to the vaccination treatments they developed, will be in Istanbul in June. The Cuban oncologists Eskatherine Urgelles Blanco and Anabely Estevez García who are the guests of QBA MediTours, one of the reliable companies of Cuba health tourism, are accepted as the physicians who have mostly applied the cancer vaccination in Cuba until today.

The oncologists who will come to Turkey in the first week of June for the first time, will meet with the press members in a special organization and share the current information related with vaccination, the recent progresses realized in the health field in Cuba and details of treatment services offered in Cuba.


Cuban oncologists being present in Turkey will evaluate the suitability of the patients to the treatment applied in Cuba down to the last detail by interviewing with the patients one-by-one in the headquarter of QBA MediTours on 8 and 9 June.  

Those who want the suitilibity of their diseases to treatment to be evaluated without going to Cuba, may have the necessary reports to be translated into English and get appointment from oncologists for the face-to-face interview in