QBA Meditours

Aplication System

Registration to Cuba health system

As QBA MEDİ TOURS, you have to follow the steps below to create your registration in the Cuba Health System.

  • You can reach us via phone, e-mail and our website. After contacting with us, you will receive a preliminary information e-mail.
  • You have to send the reports in the preliminary information about your disease to our e-mail address info@qba-meditours.com.
  • Our authorized employee, who will contact with the Ministry of Health of Cuba, will translate the documents from Turkish into English and send them to Cuban doctors.
  • The treatment request shall be approved or rejected within 7/10 working days after such information and documents are received by the oncologists in Cuba. In case the request is approved, the program and the cost of treatment will be notified to us.
  • Ministry of Health of Cuba ensures that the patient is constantly registered in the electronic database after analyzing the patient’s condition.