QBA Meditours

About Us


QBA Medi Tours operaters with the approval from the Cuban Ministry of Health, we bring you the treatment programs offered Cuba with the philosophy saying “we care about your health as much as our health”



  • Reliability
  • Close monitoring of health developments
  • Organization skills
  • Solution focused understanding
  • Ensuring satisfaction
  • Experienced professional staff
  • Fast process tracking
  • Post-service tracking




Our experienced team provides you with professional solutions in its field. You will be informed step by step about your entire process. The most accurate and up-to-date information is shared with you.

Solution Oriented:

We work to meet your needs at the highest level and produce solutions to them with the solution-oriented working approach, which is our one of the most fundamental principles.

Organisational Skills:

Our organization planning, which starts from bringing the necessary documents to the Cuban Ministry of Health as of your applications process and proceeds to follow-up of these documents, continues until returning you to the home country after the treatment.

Ensure Satisfaction:

We eliminate your concerns about alienation by welcoming you, in a friendly manner, at the Cuban airport with our good-humoured staff.


Experienced professionals in Cuba provide you with alternative medical solutions.

After Service Follow-up:

We do not break our communication with you after treatment. Following the processes after return to your home country, we continue to provide the necessary information to the Cuban Ministry of Health.


Transportation and Transfer Services

  • Meeting at the Airport

Our professional team will meet you at the airport, and does not leave you alone by establishing a family environment during the whole process.

Accommodation Services:

In accordance with your requests, we entertain you in Cuba with reservations for the most suitable hotels.

Other Services:

  • Visa Procedures;

Qba Medi tours is interested in all procedures for you. We do all the documentation and follow-up procedures for you to complete the visa application process.

  • Ticket Services

We offer you the most affordable prices for tickets by tracking your ticket.

  • Interpreting Services

As part of the interpretation service we provide in Cuba, our professional translators are always with you for all your translation needs when you want to visit the environment with your daily needs such as doctor consultation and treatment.


  • Individual Budget Planning

We make your individual plans with you with maximum quality and minimum costs. Our main goal as a team is to provide the best quality service at a reasonable cost.

Information Center

You can contact our call center from all over the world. Our teammates communicate with you in order to listen the subject that you want to be informed of and explain you the details in accordance with the information conveyed by the Cuban Ministry of Health.