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One of our patient clients, Nezihe Erbaş, and our Patient Relations Consultant, Cansu Alanur, were on Atv Main News!

Our Patient Relations Consultant was on ATV Main News to give information about Cancer and other treatments we provide consultancy in Cuba.

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QBA Medi Tours for Cuban Cancer Vaccine and Treatment

The Cuban government has carried out very crucial studies to cure cancer and has made their biggest investment to support the developments related to health. Cuba offers cancer vaccines and treatments to patients all over the world at the most affordable prices and conditions. Patients from many countries choose Cuba for cancer and genetic disease treatments. Cuba offers vaccine or drug treatments for all types of cancer.

Just click on the "Apply Now" button to get detailed information about the consultancy services for Cancer Vaccines and Treatments of QBA Medi Tours, approved by the Cuban and Turkish Ministry of Health.

Cuban Cancer Vaccines, approved by the Cuban Ministry of Health, continue to attract the attention of the medical world!

Respected Artist Arif SAĞ Traveled to Cuba with QBA Medi Tours for Lung Cancer Treatment

Arif Sağ is one of the many celebrities who have undergone cancer treatment in Cuba. After his treatments in Turkey, with his doctor’s recommendation, Arif Sağ decided to go to Cuba for lung cancer treatment because Cuban cancer medicines were not available in Turkey. He returned with an improved life quality after completing the 5-day Cuban Cancer Treatment in Cuba thanks to QBA Medi Tours.

"My doctor said, 'There is a medicine in Cuba, I suggest you see the treatment there'. I believe in science. I accepted because science accepted medicine in Cuba.”  

Arif Sağ

Our Clients Going to Cuba for Cancer Treatment

Muzaffer Çılgın and Zafer Can, clients of QBA Medi Tours who have been treated for cancer in Cuba, who offer alternative treatments for cancer with a vaccine or drug treatment for all types of cancer, told ATV News about their treatment processes for cancer.

“I wasn't able to walk, I wasn't able to walk. I benefited so much from the Cuban cancer treatment that I, literally, came back to life thanks to it.” 

Muzaffer Çılgın

Cuban Cancer Treatment Prices

One of the issues that our clients are most curious about is the price of the Cuban vaccine. With its transparent price policy, QBA Medi Tours does not demand any payment from you, thanks to its agreement with the Cuban Ministry of Health for Cancer Treatment in Cuba. You are only charged a consultancy and service fee for the Cuban cancer vaccine treatment.

“If a bottle of medicine is $100 in Cuba, it's $2700 here. Those drugs are free for their people. All treatments at the hospital are free. The cancer rate seems to be zero.” 

Arif Sağ

How is Cancer Treatment done in Cuba with QBA Medi Tours Consultancy?

The Cuban cancer vaccine treatment developed by Cuba for cancer treatment with the approval of the Cuban Embassy and the Cuban Ministry of Health has managed to attract the attention of the medical world. The number of cancer patients who go to Cuba for cancer treatment from various countries is increasing. Cuba has cancer vaccine treatment and alternative cancer treatment methods for other cancer types treated in Cuba, especially lung cancer treatment.


“I am happy with the entire lung cancer vaccination process. We would like to thank Qba Medi Tours for the quality service provided to us. The whole organization, from Turkey to Cuba, where we went to get a lung cancer vaccine, was fully planned.”       

 Lung cancer treatment process in Cuba through the eyes of Our Client

Services Provided by QBA Medi Tours to Cancer Patients Going to Cuba


QBA Medi Tours welcomes clients who have applied for Cuban cancer treatment and whose procedures have been completed in a short time, at the airport in Cuba with a professional team. With its transportation/transfer, accommodation, interpreting services, it ensures the satisfaction of its clients who come for cancer treatment in Cuba with QBA Medi Tours’ professional team in Turkey and Cuba. QBA Medi Tours completes the Cuban Consulate procedures for its clients who will be treated for cancer in Cuba, and the clients are hosted at the La Pradera International Health Center.

“When we got off the plane, a vehicle with a private driver greeted us. Then we had a very nice tour guide, they informed us about everything and placed us in our hotel. We were very pleased with all the doctors and everyone who organized this whole health tour.” 


Names of Cancer Vaccines and Cancer Drugs Approved by the Cuban Ministry of Health

Cancer treatment was found in Cuba, and Cuba and cancer treatment have been the subject of scientific studies.

Vaccines Used for Cancer Treatment in Cuba:

Nimotuzumab (CIMAher): Head and neck, pancreas, colon, esophagus vaccine

Lung Cancer Drugs:

CimaVax - EGF: Cuban vaccine for non-small cell lung cancer

Racotumomab (Vaxira): Cuban vaccine for non-small cell lung cancer

The goal of Cuban cancer treatment is to turn cancer into a chronic disease. The Cuban cancer vaccine does not have side effects, even when it is applied subcutaneously.


Drugs Applied with Alternative Cancer Treatment:

Vidatox: Chemotherapy – improves quality of life by eliminating radiotherapy symptoms.

Hebertrans: It is used for adjuvant purposes to strengthen the immune system in cancer.

“Cancer treatment is quite advanced in Cuba. I heard that QBA Medi Tours is kind of a health bridge between Cuba and Turkey. I wanted to be treated before my disease progressed further. That's why I took my breath there." 



How to Go to Cuba for Cancer Treatment?

QBA Medi Tours provides a comfortable travel to Cuba from all over the world for cancer treatment in Cuba. At the airport in Cuba, our professional team greets our clients who will have cancer vaccine treatment in Cuba and stays with our clients throughout the entire process in Cuba.

“The whole team is absolutely perfect, with full team support, success was achieved while traveling thousands of km, without any problems.” 


What Types of Cancer Does the Cuban Vaccine Treat?

 Cuban doctors use the cancer vaccine for certain types of cancer.


Valid Types of Cancer for Cancer Vaccine in Cuba:

  • Lung Cancer (Non-Small Cell)

  • Head/ Neck Cancers

  • Pancreatic Cancer

  • Esophageal Cancer

  • Colon Cancer

  • Skin Cancer (Basal Cell)


“Before, during, and after the treatment program carried out in Cuba for 1 week, the responsible team never neglected the attention and acted as a very important mediator in my recovery.” 


To get more information about Cuban cancer treatment, fill out the application form and we will contact you immediately.

You can always contact us for all your questions.

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