Successful vaccination treatments against cancer with QBA MediTours in Cuba!


QBA MediTours which operates in such a way certified by Cuba Ministry of Health offers globally accepted treatment methods for the cancer and other diseases with a philosophy saying that “we care about your health as much as our health” by cooperating with Cuba state in the health field. Vaccination treatments, checkup services and life quality program in dermatological diseases are the primary healthcare services.

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Why Cuba?

There is a unique social and healthcare services’ system in Cuba. Each Cuban is covered by the extensive preventive healthcare service guarantee. Also, since the number of highly trained medical doctor in Cuba is much more than the other countries, there are 7 physicians per 1.000 people. In Turkey, there are 179 medical doctors per 100.000 people. 1 or more physicians working in the primary healthcare are appointed to each municipality in Cuba. Thus, the physicians are responsible for the health of same people for years.


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Common treatment methods may be not successful by itself in our present day. The combined treatments become increasingly more important in terms of fighting against with disease. For offering a better treatment to you, it is essential to correctly understand and follow the development of the disease. QBA MediTours serves as a health bridge under the control of specialists.

Vaccination treatments developed as a result of long research conducted in Cuba with the common treatment methods brought about the stepping into a new era in the Oncology.
Also, there are successful vaccination treatments strenghtning the immune system of patients in Cuba. Thus, as the applied treatment methods become widespread, it is known that more successs will be made in the future.


Non-healing open wounds, necrosis and microbic infections occurred in diabetic patients as a result of nerve and vein deterioation in feet exhibit healing success in a rat of 80% with the treatment method developed in Cuba.


Today, various dermatological diseases such as psoriasis and skin cancer are fearful dream of people. Cuba has developed successful treatment methods also in certain dermatological diseases.
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QBA MediTours cares about your health and offers you a novelty…
There is no need for you to shape your life by the dialysis treatment. Are you ready to meet with beauties of Cuba and to continue your treatment before the specialist team with the professional methods in Karibik?


It is now possible for being diagnosed by the world-wide known medical doctors for the second time. A second analysis and diagnosis never pose a damage for your health, as is in any aspect. With this method, you have the chance of minimizing the wrong diagnosis possibility under very easy conditions.
QBA MediTours does not want for you to have any question mark in your mind…