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Authorized Representative

Our contracting agency which has been approved by the Ministry of Health of Cuba, has an agreement with Cuba Health...

Consultancy with Clinics and Physicians in Cuba

We manage all of your organizations related with the suggestions and treatment from Cuban specialist physicians as soon as possible.

Translation of documents

Translation of medical documents by medical interpreters in medical language


We share the treatment program and costs with all transparency.

QBA MediTours treated me as if I was their fellow from the first moment when I entered into the company. They hardly never left me alone during my treatment in Cuba. They did not lose their contact after I returned to Turkey. I am grateful to them for my treatment process when I got rid of my Vitilgo and made excellent friends…


We were so pleased with the health tour provided by QBA MediTours with the whole family. A vehicle with special driver welcomed us when we landed. Then, we had a very goo tour uide, they provided us to check in our hotel by informing us at any matter. We were so pleased with everybody who organized this health tour and all doctors. If we had any health problem, we would reprefer you. Thank you so so much for everything.


Thank you very much to QBA MediTours company for providing a bridge function and giving the required importance to the human health in such an important organization, the whole team is completely excellent, sincere and warm, success was provided with the support of the whole team without experiencing any problem while travelling thousands of km, it is a company and team which we can suggest to everybody, so glad we have you, thanks again.


In this spring, QBA MediTours has been a light for me. I contacted them and I was treated in Cuba for about 10 days. I am very happy and self-confident than ever before. Thank you very much for standing by me in this process.


I was suffering from cancer for about 3 years and my disease was gradually increasing. Cancer treatment is highly advanced in Cuba. I heard that QBA MediTours is a health bridge between Cuba and Turkey. I would want to be treated before my disease further progressed. So, I went to Cuba for taking Cancer vaccination for 1 week. Services were highly qualified, medical doctors were highly interested. When my treatment was completed, my disease regression both inceased my motivation and it was a hope for me to beat the cancer.


““Thanks to QBA MediTours team who always supported us during the cancer treatment of my cousin. They helped us so much in our interviews with the doctors from the day when we arrived Cuba to the last day. We spent this process with an excellent team. Giving such a chance for taking such an important treatment in Cuba and enabling us to reach such doctors are very valuable. Thank you very much”.


After a short while, we met with QBA MediTours and were informed about this issue. Following the services they provided, their interest and concern played a direct role for me to go to Cuba and being treated. WE went to Cuba with my daughter and we stayed there for about four weeks. Firstly, work-ups were performed and then, treatments were administered. Quite simple, it was both my treatment and my holiday. About 4 months have passed after this process. The wounds on my foot healed. There are color differences in wound regions, but, they will disappear over time, because, their color is turning to normal from region to region.


During the process of a week for the first dose treatment, even we had times when we enjoyed very much for the interest and concern and pleasant attitudes of doctors. Once we completed our treatment and returned to our country, despair gave a way to positive feelings. Now, my father is quite well. His disease is stabile. He has no problem restricting his daily life. We undergo periodic controls. Thanks to the family of QBA MediTours which planned the process instead of us and answered our all questions sincerely.


I strongly applaud the approach of QBA MediTours representatives for such a vital issue like cancer. Before, during and after treatment program which we performed in Cuba for 1 week, they never neglected the interest and concern and they were mediator for us to reach our health. I present my thanks on behalf of my Family.

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